The Brief:

To refresh all their vehicle branding. The catch was we had to improve the quality but keep the price the same, and of course improve the turnaround time.

The Task:

Firstly, we had to strip all the vehicles of the existing wraps. That is not easy.  Then we applied a new design in accordance with the existing brand identity.  In the case of the World Box vehicle in the photo, we designed the full vehicle wrap from scratch.

The Challenge:

The hard part of this job is working around their schedules.  The vehicles are rarely off the road, the sign of a busy courier.  We also needed to improve the quality of the wrapping material to make sure that the vehicles would wear well.

The Result:

A very happy client and a great client relationship.  Wheels now entrust us with all their livery work and we have become the effective gatekeeper of their visual branding.