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Dublin Airport Logistics Park

The Task

To refurbish two large, well known signs at the entrance to the Dublin Airport Logistics Park. Over the years, they had got old and shabby and needed some attention. Rather then replace with two expensive new signs, iQ Branding Solutions gave them a new lease of life.

The Job

Our first task was to carefully remove all the 3D lettering from the signs, stripping them back to their sub-frames. We took the panels and the letters back to our workshop,  stripped, cleaned and sanded them. We then re-sprayed all the items using three coats of quality high sheen acrylic paint.

Next, we turned our attention to the sub-structures. We sanded and primed the old poles and painted them with three coats of high sheen acrylic paint. We added additional steel support to the rear of the signs and re-mounted the panels carefully. Many of the original letters were broken or loose. To securely fasten and align the letters, we drill-fixed each into position using screw fixings and a stencil application technique.

The Result

A better looking sign then the original.

Refurbishing an old sign is not an easy task and many companies would opt to just replace. It’s considered less hassle and we guess, there is a higher margin on replacing the sign. We, however, prefer to restore if we can.

Both signs were over 10-years old and so, to last that long, they had to have been well built in the first place. With the combined knowledge of our team, we knew how to return the ‘wow’ factor to both signs.

What the Client says:

“Paul … amazing, are they the same two signs?”

Peter Lewis, ROHAN Holdings.