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Our Studio

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on it’s our ability to find creative, inventive solutions for any problem. Every day, we receive requests to solve difficult problems for our clients in relation to signage, print and design.

We could be asked to develop a new signage system for a major shopping centre that seamlessly integrates their brand. Or an online print ordering system for Ireland’s leading property agency to save them time and money. It could be designing a vast ‘mega sign-frame’ system for the National Museum of Ireland requiring careful installation to one of their listed buildings.

Whatever the challenge, iQ Branding Solutions has the experience, and the knowledge, to always provide the perfect creative solution.

Graphic Design

Every great project involves great design. From branding and visual identity to exhibition and in-store branding, and so much more, the iQ Design Team can collaborate closely with you to bring your ideas to life; ideas that are uniquely conceived for each project. While many of our international clients often have their own in-house design resources, our own dedicated design studio is here to support, to implement concepts or take on new projects.


Innovation is at the core of the iQ Branding Solutions. In a fast moving and fast changing industry, we have always been ahead of the curve, pioneering new ways to express ideas and communicate brand messages in ways that always feel fresh to consumers.

We are always seeking new ways to enhance existing processes. It’s an approach we demand of our entire team, and an attribute of the iQ Branding Solutions demanded by our equally innovation focused clients.

Bespoke Projects

“We want to do something no one else has done before.” We don’t hear it every day, but when we do we’re as excited as the client who said it.

You see, there will be times when a project presents new challenges, requires new ways of thinking and demands a fresh approach. Often these are the projects that push the boundaries, the ones with innovation at their heart, and we love to take them on.

So, if you have an idea, but you think it can’t be done, don’t be so sure until you talk to us.