TAG’ed by Tayto

If you work at Tayto Snacks and you get TAG’ed, that’s a good thing. This great initiative by one of our clients is a way for their team to recognise their colleagues for displaying the core values of the company and putting them into practice. The values are:

  • Thinking responsibly
  • Acting entrepreneurially
  • Growing together

The way it works is that every quarter, a nomination programme takes place where all company members can vote for their colleagues. They don’t have to be on their team or in their department. ¬†Everyone gets a vote and everyone is eligible to be nominated. The winner is selected by the TAG’ed committee and they win a voucher for a stay in a hotel. Nice!

What the judges are looking for are behaviour that is pro-active, positive, taking ownership, being accountable, acting with integrity. It’s a way of recognising great colleagues and saying thank you.

They also get their name included on the ‘wall of fame’ so to speak. That’s where iQ Branding Solutions comes in. The name of everyone who is nominated is printed onto removable vinyl and mounted on 5mm foam tiles. The tiles are mounted onto a wall vinyl using double sided tape. This means that they can be removed or repositioned each quarter without damaging the wall vinyl. ¬† Below is a picture of the wall. Well done Jacinta who was the winner that quarter.



Posted in News on 1st July 2019