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Wow…2D & 3D Combined!

3D Inflatable on Building Banner

This 600 m² digitally printed building banner had a 3D inflatable hot air balloon attached. It appeared in Brussels during the summer to launch the re-branding of Mobistar to Orange.

The hot air balloon even moved in the wind!

How did they do it?

Pop Media was planning to install a wide format 2D mesh banner to wrap the scaffolding on a prominent building in central Brussels that was being renovated at the time.  The design included the image of a hot air balloon.  In a major moment of inspiration, Pop-media thought “Why not make the balloon 3D?”.

The client, Orange, loved the idea (of course).  So, Pop Media called in the inflatable experts who happen to be a partner company of ours based in The Netherlands. They measured it all up and created a 3D inflatable hot air balloon that fitted on to the scaffolding structure.  The installation was so straight forward that the client was able to do it themselves.

Where could you do it?

Think of any of the large office blocks being renovated around the city at the moment.  Is there a building on the quays?

Who to call?
iQ Branding Solutions of course!. We specialise in signage, print and display solutions including 3D inflatables.  We love doing what we do and we do it very well.

Our expert knowledge,  innovative solutions, seamless project management and of course, our OCD tendencies.

So, when you’re planning your next campaign, why not bring us for your brainstorm.
We have lots of great ideas, we know what is possible and how it can be done at a cost that won’t grab all the attention.

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Posted in News on 21st November 2016